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Understanding Log Homes Basics

Log homes have different varieties in many countries today. Log homes come in various sizes and shapes. Log homes are also made up of various types of logs that are uncommon in some areas of the country. To begin with your own log home, you must choose a type that suits your taste.

You can choose from two categories of log homes. These are the handcrafted and the milled log homes. You may find a hard time choosing from either one but here is a guideline on how you could easily get started. The manual construction of log homes is called the handcrafted type of log home. In these kinds of log homes, the logs are carefully stacked until a wall is created which should become a part of the house. The more common kind of log home which is the milled log home is more popular because of the way it is created which is more refined than handcrafted ones. These two categories of log homes have huge differences from each other. Compared to the milled log home, a handcrafted log home requires great labor to create. Furthermore, most handcrafted log homes are normally constructed through the use of larger logs. However, many homes today are of the milled log home category.

If you can notice rounder logs in a home, it only means that it is handcrafted. If you will also notice any round chinking in the gaps of the piled logs, it could only mean that it is a handcrafted log home. Fortunately, things are made easier through the use of an acrylic compound that expands or contracts many kinds of woods. It is often applied in the surface of the wood in a stripe order. Oftentimes, you can observe that a milled log home does not have any chinking because there are no gaps between logs.
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Your log home should be as presentable as possible so that it will create a good impression to you, especially in your neighborhood. Make sure that you choose the right kind of wood for the construction of your log home. As much as possible, make sure to get the best quality of logs especially if you are getting the handcrafted log home.
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Simply start by stacking the logs vertically until there are minimal gaps in between. Milled logs are easier to stack though, if you want to go for milled log homes. It is important to note that milled log homes are not as appealing as handcrafted homes. Handcrafted homes are much more appealing than the milled ones. If you are looking for a geometric interior design for a log home, it is best that you go for milled log homes. Get log home builders now so that you can plan on how you want your log home to be created. It is best that you already have a land for your log home before calling out for professionals.