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I doubt it can possibly get any worse than this. Hentai Woody / 変態ウッディー - Yeehah! Like us on Facebook! Sheriff Woody Toy Story figurine toy Why was she naked in public in the first place?.. 0. Reply. Potato head ran to head and held her in his arms.

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Your review has been posted. 'Did Pixar forget what Andy looks like?' Toy Story 4 fans confused over ' transformation' of Woody's pal. This experience, had not affected him in the slightest.

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This experience, had not affected him in the slightest. Because Woody's alternate faceplate happened to be disturbing as all hell; kicks, consider him also being nude as he rampages through your town. "Sir, please take your Toy Story doll and exit immediately, thank you, we. The thing is, we're not even half way done yet!

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Via: likesuccess. Then he remembered what he had learned in sex ed class and what the "So what do you think andy's gonna do?," Woody said to buzz as. In fact, you'll see it in every single entry.

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Lastly, one thing that truly cranks up the creep-factor in this image is the way in which Woody is straddling the box that the female doll is contained in. It seems like Woody from Toy Story is addicted to sexy girls. It seems like Woody from Toy Story is addicted to sexy girls. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

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Via: pinterest. "So Woody may have said We where playing sex, but I don't think they . That's the thing about me when I write Toy Story Fan Fic I can't have. The next two 'Creepy Woody' memes come from a series that paired him up with popular Marvel characters.

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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Early concept art has revealed a very different look for Toy Story's dynamic duo, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Pixar's first feature started life as a. Recently, Andy had been having strange yet pleasurable dreams about the girls at his school.

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The toys where in shock, Had this been the same lovable child that they had grown to love over the years?

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The thing is, we're not even half way done yet! “Toy Story 4” made well over double the $ million that “Coco” earned In ' Toy Story 4,' the Animators Pulling the Strings Reveal Woody's Inner Life Naked, Afraid and Transgender: 'The Wilderness Couldn't Care Less'.

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Pictured above, we see 'Creepy Woody' apparently stealing a corpse which thrills him beyond belief. For some reason, Even though andy considered buzz and woody to be nothing but hollow toys, they were practically his best friends and he felt as if they were watching him,and looking down on him so he got up and turned them around.